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Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Sara Driver, USA 2017, 78’
Chef Flynn

A portrait not only of an alluring, homeless teenager who became a giant of 20th-century art, but also of the entire New York graffiti scene, hip-hop and breakdance. An era when William Borroughs' Naked Lunch and heroin were-in exciting minds-equal parts of the culture. The atmosphere of loitering, of killing time together in the most beautiful of ways is the simultaneous birth of punk and performance art. He hid under the pseudonym SAMO, painted on clothing and played in a band before it became fashionable: Jean-Michel Basquiat had extraordinary intuition that always put him in the spotlight, as rare footage from the Lower East Side proves. He created visual poetry on ruins, and subway cars were like syllables. The film reconstructs the time when he developed from a sweet adolescent into a self-conscious artist. The relationships among the women under his spell, defeated rivals and people he worked with include Andy Warhol, whose golden vampiric shadow babbles somewhere on the horizon.

Adriana Prodeus
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fr 26 Oct, 18:00 knh 8
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Sara Driver

Born in 1955, Sara Driver is a director. She studied in Greece and New York (with Spike Lee, among others), where she was one of the co-creators of the independent artistic scene. The director of the acclaimed You Are Not I, the cult  Sleepwalk and  When Pigs Fly, with Marianne Faithfull and Alfred Molina. She has also worked in theater and performance art, and produced (Permanent VacationStranger Than Paradise), inspired (Broken FlowersOnly Lovers Left Alive) or appeared in films by Jim Jarmusch (Mystery Train).


1981 You Are Not I

1986 Sleepwalk

1990 Monsters (tv, co-dir.)

1993 Kiedy świnie latają / When Pigs Fly

2018 Basquiat: nim nadeszła sława / Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Cast & Crew

director Sara Driver
screenplay Sara Driver
cinematography Adam Benn
editing Adam Kurnitz
music Anthony Roman
cast Carlo McCormick, Jim Jarmusch, Fab 5 Freddy, Sur, Diego Cortez
producer Sara Driver, Rachel Dengiz
production Hells Kitten Productions, Faliro House, La Pacte, Leopardo Filmes, Bunny Lake Films
sales The Match Factory
language English
colouration colour
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