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Hal, dir. Amy Scott

Hal Ashby Lookalike Contest

AFF Competition: Top 5 by Matthew Thrift 8th US in Progress powered by Papaya Films Winners Announced

Time and place: Saturday, October 27, from 10 till 12, Nowe Horyzonty Cinema, theatre 4

After the screening of HAL by Amy Scott at theatre 4 at New Horizons Cinema, please sign your participation. The selection committee including Nick Dawson and festival representatives will announce the verdict after the screening. The winner will receive a free pass for the American Film Festival 2019 and a t-shirt.

That is how Nick Dawson describes Ashby in 2009 in his book Being Hal Ashby. Life of a Hollywood Rebel:

Ashby’s appearance particularly set him apart from others on the Goldwyn lot: the beatnik goatee that he had sported in the 1950s had now been replaced by a full beard, his beatnik garb and sharp shades traded in for beads, sandals, and loose-fitting Indian cotton clothes. (p.70)

His greying blond hair had grown long and wispy, and his beard stretched almost a foot below his chin; even in his long leather jacket and boots he resembled a serene but rather befuddled yogi. (p.125)

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