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Dinner with Flynn McGarry and "Chef Flynn"

"A Star Is Born" starring Lady Gaga to open the American Film Festival The program of the 9th American Film Festival has been announced

To mark the occasion of the premiere of the documentary Chef Flynn, the film's subject, Flynn McGarry, the wunderkind of the American culinary arts, will be visiting Poland. He is a 19-year-old who has taken the demanding culinary world by storm and who opened his own restaurant, Gem, in New York in March of this year.

The Polish premiere of the film Chef Flynn will take place on 23 October 2018 during the ninth American Film Festival at New Horizons Cinema in Wrocław. Following the screening, everyone is invited to a special dinner at the Hotel Monopol. Flynn will prepare the menu together with Justyna Słupska Kartaczowska (the chef and owner of the Jadka restaurant) and Mariusz Kozak (the chef at the Monopol Hotel) and the hotel's entire team: some of the dishes featured in the film will be included. The hotel's sommelier will provide details about the special wine pairing prepared for dinner. The Wrocław screening and dinner (and the following day in Warsaw) will be the only opportunity in Poland to meet this fascinating young man and to check out his culinary talent, which he has been developing since the age of 10.

The program includes:

18:15 (KNH8): Chef Flynn

20:30 (Hotel Monopol, ul. Heleny Modrzejwskiej 2, Wrocław): dinner

Ticket price for the film screening and dinner (five dishes with wine pairing): PLN 350

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Chef Flynn dir. Cameron Yates, USA 2018, 83'
Distribution in Poland: FILMS for FOOD.

The film will be shown in Polish cinemas beginning 9 November 2018.

As a 10-year-old, Flynn opened a dinner club in his own home that offered a menu that would be the envy of many an ambitious restaurant. As a 13-year-old, he completed internships at well-known restaurants, including Eleven Madison Park and Alinea. The 15-year-old genius chef found himself on the front page of The New York Times. And at the age of 19, he opened his own restaurant, Gem, in New York. Food lovers the world over are familiar with his specialty, Beet Wellington (beet and other ingredients wrapped in puff pastry, a variation on the well-known dish Beef Wellington). This, in a nutshell, is the career of Flynn McGarry, the wunderkind of the culinary world and the subject of Cameron Yates' documentary. It would probably be a classic story about achieving-not without effort-the American dream were it not for the intriguing character of Flynn's mother, Meg, who made their impressive home archives available to the filmmakers (she is a director herself and has been filming her son from birth) and who is basically Flynn's on-screen shadow. It is thanks to her that Yates' captivating film feels more like a suspenseful psychological thriller, making us wonder who is really doing the directing here.

It is in equal parts a work about inborn talent and passion, as well as about parenthood and complicated family relationships, with just the right amount of the following topics sprinkled in: education (how would children develop if we were to let them do what they're really interested in?), the extremely competitive restaurant business (the young chef's instant success has left a bad taste in the mouths of many chefs), the cost of a spectacular career (Flynn the perfectionist has been under enormous pressure since a very young age) and the media, which are just as quick to topple stars as they are to anoint them. Chef Flynn serves up a very varied menu that will satisfy the appetites of cooking enthusiasts and of young people looking for their place in the world, as well as their teachers and parents. (Małgorzata Sadowska)

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